Releasing the Sacred Fool [Clown Masterclass] – Adult

Releasing the Sacred Fool [Clown Masterclass] – Adult

增加喜剧 科罗拉多州丹佛市22街1260号

培养小丑,喜剧和社区. four-week intensive will focus on breaking down the barriers that block performers from being in touch with their unique comedic voices. 变得更加开放,[…]



On behalf of the entire 科罗拉多州戏剧协会, thank you for supporting the power and wonder of live theatre this past season. Theatre making and producing did not get easier as we moved into an (alleged) post Pandemic world. Though there were sold out houses and much to celebrate, there is still great struggle for sustainability within the theatre community. Vibrant theatres shuttered its doors during the past season, and many theatres are still trying to unlock the mystery of getting audiences to return. Colorado artists are hyper aware of inflation, rising gas and food prices. It is harder than ever to make a living wage pursuing the passion of working full time in the arts. 尽管困难重重, this beloved theatre community created uplifting and thought-provoking theatre that made us gasp, 笑, 花点时间停下来. 谢谢你!. 谢谢你! for telling stories that stir our souls. 感谢编剧们! Everything starts with the spark you provide after countless rewrites and agonizing nights without sleep. To every performer, designer, director, producer, administrator, stage 经理和志愿者,谢谢. 没有你,现场演出是不可能的. Please know that we, your CTG family, are rooting for you. 我们在为你加油. We believe in you and the necessity of LIVE theatre—be it play, 音乐的, 身临其境的, small, 媒介, 或者大规模的. We believe in you first-time producers and we are thrilled that the veteran producers are still working among us. We pledge to continue serving our community with the resources we have. 我们在这里. 我们在倾听. We are grateful to be part of the Colorado theatre community.

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